Build your own Great Alaskan 25-28 ft offshore skiff!

DIY plans - printed or downloadable!

Downloadable Plans:

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Printed Plans:

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First launch of a Great AlaskanFirst launch of a Great Alaskan The Prince Rupert, built to 26'The Newport, built to 26 feetThe Rockport, built to 26 feetTypical accommodations (Prince Rupert or Newport)

(Click for larger images - more pictures and a video of a 47 mph Great Alaskan coming soon - check back!)


Glacier Boats of Alaska is proud to announce do-it-yourself (DIY) build plans for the Great Alaskan series of boats ...25-1/2 to 28-1/2 feet LOA, efficient, seaworthy, roomy, yet still trailerable without a special permit. They are all based upon the same hull, but have different cuddies, pilot houses, and arrangements (Prince Rupert - upper left, Newport - upper right, Rockport - lower left, Prince Rupert / Newport arrangements lower right.)   Basic specifications below...

Plans for the 26' Great Alaskan series of boats are now available so that you too can build your own hand-crafted boat, no special craftsmanship skills or tools required.

 Current status...

We receive a lot of requests for current status, builds, completed photos and the like ...Well, the first Great Alaskan has now successfully launched and several others will launch soon.  The best way to keep track of them is to visit our builders forums (see link above) and check the Projects board.  If you would like to contact one of the builders, please make the request through us and we will contact the builder for you to find if they are willing to share their contact information.  Otherwise, the builders forums are probably the best place for you to ask questions and to discuss ideas etc.

 Basic Specifications

  • LOA 25-1/2 to 28-1/2 feet
  • Bmax: 8'5" (at amidships sheer deck)
  • GMt: 48" to 52" (Depends upon loading)
  • Maximum hull depth: 62" (5 feet 2 inches)
  • Deadrise aft: 13.1 degrees
  • Side flare: 15 to 17 degrees (maximum at amidships)
  • Basic hull weight: 2200# to 2700# (Depending upon house/cuddy and arrangements)
  • Normal displacement range: 3300# to 6000#, 3800# typical
  • Recommended power: Sterndrive or outboard, maximum 1050# or 750# respectively (approximately 150 hp to 200 hp, 160 to 175 hp ideal)
  • Recommended propulsion: Single or twin outboards or sterndrive
  • Most efficient speed: 22 kts (25 mph)
  • Maximum speed: 38 kts (44 mph)
  • Fuel tankage: 120 US gallons (typical)
  • Expected fuel efficiency: 522 nautical miles per 120 gallons of fuel
  • Roomy cuddy, room for stand-up head, galley, storage, and dining area (see study plans)
  • Available in 3 models (1 primary hull design, 3 cuddy / pilot house combinations available, instructions for 25' through 28-1/2 feet LOA)

Other services that we provide:

  • Contracted boat building
  • Repair / retrofit / modification of existing wood or wood/fiberglass boats and similar
  • Marine CAD and drafting services
  • All services subject to time available and / or available shop space


Feel free to contact me, Brian Dixon, the designer via our contact page with any questions you have, technical support, web site difficulties, etcetera.  Thank you!